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2008-05-12 21:07:23 by Zeeo

Hey I made this it took me a year. (A while ago) 3/9765/firsttabletlargeyd5.gif

Soo, I did make that a while ago. My first tablet anim! I went to Futureshop, and got the bamboo fun 8x5 wacom tablet. For about $230.00 canadian, I find it is definatley worth the price! I am still working with it. Believe me, it takes time to get used to.


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2008-05-12 21:12:04

That animation is pretty cool.

Zeeo responds:

Thanks mang.


2008-05-16 17:26:08

f*ckin sweet! love that


2008-07-01 05:34:14

Sweet cocks on a rainbow!! i need that tablet too!

i actually told my mamma if she could order it for me on:
since i don't have much money left and we are not english.

good luck with your awesome tablet.
That tablet is awesome.


2008-07-01 05:35:11

p.s. you can also use the Tablet for your LL/CC flashes. use them to draw with and put shade on with. and make and make some amazing backgrounds and stuff.